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Posted 4/20/2013:

The Magician:

Traditionally this card is about:

The Magician is one of the Major Arcana...
Expect an important event to occur involving projects or the constructing of an idea.
Key #: 1- The number One indicates new beginnings or something recently started
Key Phrase: "The Builder"
Timing: Months: One month, the first month
Astrology\Planet: Mercury: Quickness, bringing ideas to reality, focused goals
A thought from Jayson: "You have the power within you to manifest your desires... Jesus says in Heaven are many mansions, Within you is just one- your 'Temple'- build it with love and confidence"

i dabble in real estate a bit & this card always seems to come up for me when i do my personal weekly Reading (where I choose 1 card to see how the week will go for me). The Magician is most definitely the "Card of the Builder" but it also many other meanings "built" into it, some of which are....